A Little History

Crunchies became the best selling item produced by Sweet Somethings Chocolate in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Sweet Somethings began as a way to produce healthier, better quality fudge from real chocolate and from scratch. Featuring less sugar than most other fudge on the market, organic ingredients when available, and food grade essential oils for flavoring, Sweet Somethings products were developed by hand and made in small batches so that every item passes the taste test. Treats are a wonderful part of human life. Our existence would be bland without them. They shouldn't have to have guilt feelings attached to their use. Quality food is our answer to a part of the problem. The quantity part is up to you.

Crunchies began as a way to use up leftover ingredients. As so many discoveries are made by accident, so this one takes its place among the greats. In our opinion history may just yet record it as comparable in importance to the wheel but we'll leave that for future generations to decide.

While we do not use preservatives in our products they have a very reasonable shelf life. We recommend refrigeration or freezing the product if you expect to store it for a while. If the package remains unopened, refrigeration extends the life of fudge by six weeks and freezing does not damage the appearance or taste for longer than we have been able to test. Crunchies are even more durable, lasting in our fridges several months with no negative consequences to taste or appearance.

Please visit the Sweet Somethings Chocolate website for our unique fudge flavors and for other fine chocolates.

If the season of your life involves a wedding, Sweet Somethings Chocolate makes favors and does sweet tables in conjunction with Silver Spoon Cakes. You'll want to check out that website if you need a wedding cake as well.

There are number of delivery options, making Sweet Somethings Chocolate product and services available to an ever increasing distance audience. While the greatest options are available to Essex County in Ontario and the Metro Detroit area in Michigan, weekly hand deliveries are made to London, Hamilton, Toronto and points in between in Ontario Canada as well. Crunchies and fudge ship everywhere safely and even include a repair kit with instructions for minor damages. Sales of food products are final.

In keeping with Sweet Somethings Chocolate's commitment to making a positive difference in the world you can use Sweet Somethings purchases to give back to causes you believe in. We regularly approach charities and create special programs for them to benefit from your purchases. You can encourage fundraising program developers to contact us or simply designate where you would like 10% of the profits made on your purchases to go. Charities that are not registered with us still get a check once a year when you specify a recipient from a specific purchase. Please make sure we have adequate contact information. Checks must be at least five dollars to be issued to a charity not registered with Sweet Somethings. We reserve the right not to donate to causes that would actually violate our conscience to do so. If you have questions about this please ask before purchasing.