Frequently asked questions

Q. I have allergies. What exactly is in a Crunchie Tree?

A. You should avoid crunchies if you have allergies to wheat, peanuts, or dairy. We can customize the trees to do without peanut butter but if your allergy is severe please note that we will be making these by hand in a kitchen which has exposure to all of the above and tree nuts. We do make every effort to see that cross-contamination does not occur but accidents can and do happen. Crunchie Trees do contain some commercially processed ingredients. The general list is on the homepage but specific data is not available on all products. See Kellogg's website for data on Rice Krispies, Quaker's website for Cap'n Crunch, and we use generic premade pretzels and marshmallows. Please send an e-mail if you believe we may be able to accommodate any special need.

Snow is not the most important crunchie thing at Christmas!

Q. What if my tree arrives damaged?

A. Due to the care we place while packaging, any damage that does occur is usually minor. We include a repair kit in all trees that we ship with instructions to make it as good as new. All sales of food products are final, but we do want you happy. If you are one of the few and a major problem occurs, take a picture of the situation and e-mail it to us letting us know what we can do to help make you happy. If it is within our power, we will not leave you disappointed. We want you to come back because you experience extraordinary customer service.

In my experience, most things can be fixed by chocolate.

Q. What can I expect from your customer service?

First, we listen. We strive to meet your expectations and then figure out what we need to do to exceed them. We want you back!

It's important to wreath your table in Crunchies
It's more important to wreath your faces in smiles.

Q. What should I not expect?

A. I hate to admit it, but there are some things that cannot be done.

  1. We cannot take care of more than one customer at a time and we have only the staff we can afford to take care of them. It is possible that you will experience a delay before your problem can be addressed. Once you reach someone either by phone or e-mail we will not multi-task until your problem has been resolved. You are our first priority.
  2. We cannot un-break something or ship something yesterday.

There are a few other impossible things we've had requests to do as well. If you are reasonable we will manage to do more than most people expect.

The best things in life are Tree.