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Don't you love Christmas decorating? Well maybe not decorating exactly, but decorations. They always seem to get you in the mood for a holiday. Then again, maybe it's not decorations but decorated environments. Decorations need to be stored, and then dug out of the attic or basement, year after year. And they get old.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against decorating. There are grand traditions in the work involved especially when there's lots of family around to help. But kids get older. If only there were a simpler way. If only there was a way to add something new without having to add to the stuff in the attic at the end of the season.

Good news. There is!

While you can still decorate the house and the tree the old-fashioned way, here is a wonderful way to spruce up your table for the holiday season.

The Crunchie Tree is a fabulous item that, (pardon the pun) can really spruce up your table. This fabulous mix of pretzels, crisped rice, marshmallows, Cap'n Crunch cereal, and peanut butter chips; held together by dark or milk chocolate drizzled and topped with white chocolate, a little green food coloring and red and white sprinkles and snowflakes; is perfect for a brand-new look.

It also is the hit of the party at the end of the dinner. It's simply the largest, best tasting candy bar your guests will ever be able to enjoy sharing. Dessert was never simpler, never tastier, and never easier to deal with when the meal is over.

And don't worry about decorating for next year. If you're looking for a new look, there is always the Crunchie Wreath.

Both items come in a variety of sizes.

Order Now!

Although we are growing, there is a limit to the number of trees we can produce this year.

We can only take orders until December 18 to be able to get them to you by December 25. The site will still accept orders for those with January Christmas traditions, and stay up for people who do special events like Christmas in July.

If you don't want yours in July, order now. The trees and wreaths will absolutely last and be great for Christmas.